CIS 198: Rust Programming

University of Pennsylvania

Spring 2016


(Subject to change.)

Late Policy

Students start the semester with a total of 5 late days, which provide an extra 24 hours each. You may use up to 2 late days on an assignment.

If (and only if) you submit an assignment more than 2 days late or are out of late days, there is a 20% penalty per day beyond the late day extension.

Collaboration, Online Resources & Academic Integrity

In the spirit of open-source software, we highly encourage:

As in most CIS courses, the internet is your friend. Rust is a community born to the internet. You are expected and encouraged to find resources online that will help you learn the material and complete the assignments.

You should not share large amounts of code with others in the course (except on group projects). You should not discuss the exact solutions to mid-level programming problems. You should not be asking a stranger to finish your work for you or copying and pasting what you find online for submission. Use common sense. This course strictly follows the University's Code of Academic Integrity.